About Dr. Mirabadi

Dr. Mirabadi is "patient, understanding, professional." L.S.

"Dr. Mirabadi has a gentle touch and tons of knowledge. I feel absolutely confident with her. I will definitely be back and will continue to refer her." T.B.

"Don't change your warmth, kindness, & consideration Dr. Mirabadi. I felt like you were a mother to me. You were relaxed & not in a hurry when talking [to me]. That's rare." D.C.

"Dr. Mirabadi is an excellent surgeon with a female touch." B.A.

"You are truly a wonderful surgeon!" E.B.

"Pam is kind, gentle, and very, very, knowledgable. A great doctor!" A.A.


About the Procedures

"Everyone says I look 10 years younger! [after my face-lift]" B.M.

"Liposuction has made it possible to get rid of areas exercise can't help... like my chin and inner thighs... I highly recommend it!" F. M..

"I cannot tell you how pleased I have been. Just because I was born with this body doesn't mean I have to live with it!" T.G.

"For those who have been on the diet roller coaster, this treatment [liposuction] is fantastic." D.C.

"I can't tell you how happy I am.... It was very hard being a man with large breasts and thanks to Dr. Mirabadi I no longer have them!" A.M.

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